Here's EVERYTHING YOU Need To Know To Grab Hold Of This Opportunity And Enroll In Doug Fath's "Six Figures With Student Housing" Training Program Today

FACT: Right now Universities and Colleges across the country are suffering of nightmare housing crunch . . . able to house just 30%  of students on campus and driving MILLIONS of cash-carrying students into the high-profit, off-campus housing market . . . 

FACT: In the next 10 years over 80 MILLION “Echo Boomers” will graduate high school and completely OVERWHELM already over-taxed on-campus housing . . . driving prices and (profits) for student housing through the roof and making a savvy few smart investors VERY, VERY rich . . .

FACT: Over the last few years I’ve personally acquired over $4 MILLION dollars in property that pays me passive income every month . . .  and did this while I was still in my 20's . . . and all thanks to 100% recession-proof Student Housing . . . EVEN BETTER My Student Housing Empire is run like a business so I was able to take 3 Months off and travel around Asia and Australia . . and MADE almost $30k while I was on vacation. I had so much fun and made money that I decided to do it again just two years later, this time to Europe & The Middle East.


The “Six Figures With Student Housing” Training Program is a 5 Module Interactive online course, along with a physical package of 8 audio CD's, the Student Housing Action Guidebook, All of the forms, marketing materials, contracts and other bonuses...that you need to become a savvy, successful and financially free Student Housing investor.

Student Housing Riches
Reveals Your
Multi Million Dollar Strategy . . .

In this module you’ll learn . . .

  • The core components of my “hands off” method of investing in real estate (a method that’s lead me to accumulate over $4 MILLION dollars of Student Housing Properties in just a few short years . . . and that funnels PASSIVE income into my pocket each and every month.)
  • How to get INFINITE RETURN on each of your Student Housing properties (and get paid multiple ways on every property.)
  • All the nuts and bolts details of a successful student housing deal as I walk you through one of my deals step-by-step so you can emulate everything I do and see exactly how it works.
  • How to build your Student Housing Real Estate Team(If you want to. LISTEN: If you just want to pull in an extra $1k or $2k a month you can do it all on your own . . . but if you want to create real wealth with student housing you’ll need a team. In this module I’ll give you all of my team-getting scripts and resources that put a team together for you . . . yes you will have to do the upfront work and once you do, then you can simply "oversee" things while someone else does the work. 

The Fast Cash Wholesale Machine Shows You EXACTLY How To Find Deals The EASY Way . . .

In this module you’ll learn . . .

  • My simple method for finding "extraordinary" student housing properties to invest in...
  • How to find the right School to buy property in . . . I’ll tell you right now NOT ALL COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ARE CREATED EQUAL . . . I’ll lay out exactly what  factors to look for in a school so you don’t make a costly mistake.
  • How to set up & run your real estate business and profit from Student Housing even if you live nowhere near a college or University yourself.
  • How to wholesale your student housing properties and make money REALLY fast. (If you’re low on cash now, you’ll love this module because it’s going to help you get out of debt quickly so you can focus on building long term wealth for you and your family.)

Plus In This Module I’ll Give You . . .

  • All of my Property And Cashflow Analyzer Tools that make it almost impossible for you to get into a deal that's not a Cashflow Cow that brings you Positive Cashflow and Passive Income month after month . . . including my Investing In Cashflow tool that lets you analyze
    a deal in less than 60 seconds...
  • My “Grade School Simple” negotiation scripts that basically negotiate the deal for you and make sure you always come out ahead.

The Financial Freedom Cash Machine
Is All About Creating
Passive Income For Life . . .

Personally, this is my favorite module because it’s where you’re going to learn how to stop working for other people FOREVER and finally become a REAL investor . . .

In fact, you’re going to learn how to think long term and strategically about your properties and where you’re really going to WAKE UP to the life changing aspects of Student Housing and why this really is different than any kind of investing you’ve tried before.

In this module you’ll learn . . .

  • Why Student Housing is “Cyclical” . . . and why that’s a REALLY good thing for your bank account and your future.
  • When you should and when you shouldn’t renovate your student housing properties ... (and how to renovate your properties quickly, cheaply and without any work on your part at all.) . . . and all the “nitty gritty” details of turning your Student Housing property into a cashflowing monster in shockingly little time.

Module 3 is also the “People” Module where I show you how to make your student housing properties “Frat-boy-proof.”

You’ll learn ...

  • How to get “good kids” into your properties when they’re fresh-faced sophomores and how to keep them in your Student Housing properties for YEARS with no problems and no BS.
  • How to get PARENTS on the hook for your student housing properties so you never have to pay for damaged properties . . .

Oh, and this should make you really happy . . .

Enroll In The “Six Figures With Student Housing Training Program” And I’ll Flat Out Give You My Legendary “Magic Lease” . . .

That’s right, when you enroll in the program you’ll get to use my “Magic Lease” 100% as your own. I  just ask that you not share it with anybody else outside the program.

The No Money Down Blueprint
Is All About You GETTING MONEY For Your Deals . . .

In this module I’ll show you everything I know (and I know a lot) about getting money to fund your student housing properties . . .

In this module I’ll teach you . . .

  • How to do equity deals . . .
  • How to do debt deals . . .
  • How to do “Partnership” deals . . .
  • How to have Banks ready and willing to fund your deals. (if you WANT to deal with banks. If you don’t want to deal with banks don’t worry. but I've found banks to be my cheapest cost of capital.)

Plus I’ll GIVE YOU all of the documents and forms you need to get funding for your deals even if your credit stinks and you don’t have any money of your own.

The 6 Figures in 6-Hours Playbook
Is All About Your Freedom . . .

This is the module where we really put everything together and use automation and simple tools to make your student housing empire pretty much run itself.

As I said in my free training videos . . .  thanks to the systems I’ve created I have multiple streams of income.

Heck, these are the systems and automatic tools that made it possible for me and my beautiful wife Alexes to take 3 MONTHS OFF and travel all over Asia and Australia. Two years later
we did it again this time traveling to Greece, Italy, Israel & the Domincan Republic.

I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to be able to bounce around the world with the love of my life while my Student Housing Empire whirred along back home, funneling cash into my pocket so I could have fun and create memories that will last me a LIFETIME and that I’ll be telling my kids about forever.

And You Wan’t To Know The WEIRD Part?

Since my Student Housing properties pay me PASSIVE income each month, I actually had MORE money in bank account when I got BACK from China than I did when I left.

How cool is that?

In this module I’m just going to GIVE YOU all my tools, automation scripts and “tricks” that I use to make my business run as 100% HANDS OFF as possible so you can get the money and enjoy financial freedom.

So Here’s My Offer To You . . .

I’m completely confident that The Six Figures With Student Housing Training Program is going to teach you how to successfully invest in student housing.  

That you’re going to wake up to this opportunity, grab hold and see your life transformed before your eyes.

In fact, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if you look back on this program and our relationship together years from now as the ONE THING and the ONE DECISION that really changed your life forever . . .


Because the “Six Figures With Student Housing” training program really is that  comprehensive, that complete  . . . and really doesn't hold anything back.

I Stand Behind This Program. . .

This program works.

Investing in real estate successfully does not happen over night (at least it didn't for me). It's a process AND there are things you can do to speed up your success (like investing in this program).

I've included everything in this program that I believe will help you succeed. I don't hold anything back.

I give you the good, the bad & the ugly.

I've made a lot of mistakes which has lost me money and I've also earned a lot of money by learning from those mistakes. I share it all so you get a realistic picture of what it takes to SUCCEED.

I know this program works because I've lived it and experienced it first hand with my own investments.

In addition, seeing the results my students are producing and the success they are having is one of the most inspiring things that I get to participate in.

The question I have for YOU is are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

Here's the deal.

If you go through the program, take action and implement it and don't feel that you received more value than you invested, we will gladly issue you a refund.

I can tell you I have NEVER had anyone take me up on this.

I don't want to waste your time and I don't want you to waste mine. The people that end up asking for refunds are the people who don't take action AND make excuses.

Let me be upfront with you right now...if you don't take action and like to make excuses this program is not for you so please don't bother investing in the program.

On the other hand, if you are willing to give it 100%, take responsibility for your actions and choices and make it happen, I would dare say that this might be one of the best investments you could ever make.

Simply enroll in the program today. Log in. Learn. Take Action and you will Make Progress which leads to RESULTS.

I'm A Teacher First

I grew up in education. Much of my family still works in education and I was no different (until I learned how to invest in real estate). In fact I used to work for the New York City Board of Education, so I know what it takes to teach and how to educate & empower others so they can be successful.

I've got the heart of a teacher and I'm extremely passionate about real estate investing & financial education. I am interested in working with people who are willing to put in the work upfront so they can get the results and the lifestyle they desire.

I'm sure you've heard the saying that "the teacher arrives when the student is ready".

The ball is in your court

Are you ready?

“This Sounds Amazing Doug, But How Much Is My Tuition In The Program??”

As a wise man once said . . . ”You have to give a little to get a lot.”

Let me answer your question with a question of my own:

How much is it worth to you to finally have a proven, fool-proof, recession-proof plan in place that works in any market (doesn't matter if it's going up, down or sideways)?

How much is it worth to you to get my “Magic Lease” (and not have to worry about getting a “bad” tenant in your properties because their PARENTS are on the hook to take care of every detail, every small bit of damage and every repair?)

How much is it worth to you to know how to raise money for your deals?

 (I know when I first got started in real estate the idea of going out and asking for money really scared me and held me back . . . If somebody showed me how to get funding back then... WOW! I can’t even imagine how much more quickly I would have climbed my way to success.)

If you really think about it, I bet you’ll agree it’s worth a lot.

Heck, the training materials you’re getting are based off the very same materials my private one-on-one coaching students . . .

I don’t take private students any more, but when I did they each GLADLY paid me over $15,000 a piece for me to train them up in my Student Housing Methods.

And You know what? My private coaching students consistenly come back to me later and said it was an absolute STEAL . . .

Can you think of anybody else who can say that?

I can’t. And I plan on doing everything I can to keep my “batting average” ridiculously high.

So let’s just get down to brass tacks:

Since I am no longer offering coaching I've decided to offer you a partial scholarship to help make your small investment even more affordable. With your partial scholarship you can enroll in the “Six Figures With Student Housing” Training Program for just $497.00 (for a limited time only).

Less than my student Alon makes EVERY MONTH in PASSIVE cashflow from his Student Housing properties . . .

Less than 1/10th the cash in hand Chris C. made on his second deal (Chris didn’t want to hold on to his property, so he sold it for over $100,000 CASH in his pocket . . . not bad for a 23-year old kid.)

Less than the cost of JUST ONE class for just ONE semester at any decent college around the country . . .  and a HECK of a lot more useful.

If you’ve been following along, I think you’ll agree that it’s a very sweet deal.

But I want to make it even sweeter by giving you some bonuses to accelerate your success. . . .

First I want to GIVE YOU my Student Housing marketing arsenal  . . .

These are all of the documents, scripts and ads I’ve created to find hot, cashflowing properties and investors. I use the documents to not only find the most profitable deals but it's also what I use to raise millions of dollars.

Next I’d like to give you unlimited

This is very cool. As a special “thank you” bonus for putting your trust in me and allowing me to teach you this material, I want to GIVE YOU access to over 10,000 real estate investors who can supply you with Private Money or buy deals off you if you decide to wholesale.

You’ll also get a free website created for you where you can upload your deals . . . and you’ll be able to hobnob and network with investors on my Real Estate friends “Connected Investor” social networking site (anything else to say?)


OK. Now it’s time to move this forward and wrap this up . . .

I think I’ve made you wait long enough to TAKE ACTION.

Listen, I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, but I’m VERY confident that this is going to work for you.

As I’ve said before, I’m an ex-high school teacher and I know a LOT about motivating my students to learn and to TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY.

If you’ve come this far . . .

I Bet Your Gut Is Telling You
Something.  . .

And I think you should listen to it and take action.

Remember, the Student Housing “crisis” is creating an incredible opportunity for you.

And right now you’re ahead of the curve and can dive into this market before everybody else wakes up. . .

You’ve got so much to gain and, nothing to lose.

Simply click the “Enroll Now” button, enroll in Six Figures With Student Housing Training Program and I’ll see you on the other side.



Here's What You're Going To Get
with the Six Figures with Student Housing Training Program

six figure

Student Housing Riches

Fast Cash Wholesaling System $997.00
Financial Freedom Cash Machine $997.00
No Money Down Blueprint $997.00

6 Figures in 6 Hours Playbook

Student Housing EZ-Form Library $997.00
Student Housing Marketing Arsenal $997.00
Positive Cashflow With Student Housing Program - Physical package delivered to your door with 8 audio CD's and the Postive Cashflow with Student Housing Action Guidebook $1,497.00
Access to 10,000 Investors & Your Own Website $777.00
Investing In Cashflow Software & Other Tools $497.00
The Magic Lease $1,997.00
REAL WORLD VALUE $11,759.00 +++