The Infinite Wealth Triangle

November 27, 2012 — 3 Comments

Have you ever chose between options, when you really wanted all of the options? Unfortunately many people have done this with their investments and/or businesses.


You may have been evaluating a business or investment opportunity or you may have been talking with a financial advisor when you got caught in the dreadful either/or conversation that sounds something like this:

  • Are you interested in Wealth Preservation or Wealth Creation?
  • Are you interested in protecting your money or receiving a higher return on your money?
  • Umm…how about ALL of the above?

The truth is we’ve all engaged in different versions of either/or conversations like these.

The Infinite Wealth TriangleTM
The Infinite Wealth TriangleTM opens up a very different conversation…it’s about having it all. The Infinite Wealth TriangleTM is a simple yet powerful tool we created to evaluate business and investment opportunities. Our clients & colleagues have used the Infinite Wealth TriangleTM to acquire assets as small as $100 as well as multi-million dollar assets. When acquiring assets we look for those that possess all 3 points of the Infinite Wealth TriangleTM.

Cashflow (passive income / return on principal) – We focus on income producing assets. The business or investment must produce cashflow and passive income after all expenses including debt payments.

Equity (wealth creation) – We want equity but we’re not gamblers. We don’t like betting on appreciation. We look for value add opportunities where we can force appreciation regardless if the market goes up or down. We create equity by simply purchasing the asset at a discount and/or by taking actions to increase the income the asset generates, therefore increasing the value of the asset and forcing appreciation.

Cash out (wealth preservation / protect principal) – Protection of principal and preserving wealth is always the first concern. We acquire assets that allow us to recoup our initial capital contribution as fast as possible, typically in 12-36 months.

Identifying assets that meet all 3 criteria of the Infinite Wealth TriangleTM allow us to:

  • Recoup our initial capital (wealth preservation/ protect principal)
  • And still retain ownership of the asset (wealth creation)
  • That produces passive income and instant equity (return on principal)
  • And allows us to use our recouped capital to acquire another asset

The truth is that anyone can produce these results but it does take a lot of knowledge, discipline and time. For those of you that it makes sense to invest some money to speed up your results, reduce your risk by learning from experts and receive the VIP treatment on your way to success, our Infinite Wealth ProcessTM may be for you.

Make sure to leave a comment below.  Let me know how the Infinite Wealth TriangleTM is similar or different to your current investment strategies.



  • Jimmy Duran

    I believe in the concept of “both”. To have both the freedom and the money to enjoy life that way you want to enjoy it. Actually; to make money while getting all of your principal capital investment back can not be quantified in terms of a rate of return. Its more like; free money at that point and it grows on its own to boot. Too good to be true; not….. real estate when done right; is the only not too good to be true concept because you can touch it; own it, sell it, rent it, refinance it, assign it, lease to own it, if it doesn’t work for Joe the buyer it does not work …. period. As opposed to the “market” where some one else makes money on your money by buying and selling for the sake of buying and selling…. I can go on and on for days about this stuff…..

  • Chuck Diaz

    Of course interested in both. Would like to get more info.