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The Essence of An Entrepreneur

September 30, 2012 — 1 Comment

One of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur and building your own business is that you have an opportunity to have it all.

Entrepreneurship allows you to make money and make a difference.

You get to build something bigger than yourself and have the business be a self expression for who you are in the world.

While we will discuss many facets of business, we are most passionate about the Entrepreneurial Mindset and in particular the essence of an entrepreneur.

Here is our purpose and self expression:

We create fulfilling, profitable businesses and investments that allow us to live our ideal lifestyle and make a lasting impact on the world.  We value freedom above all else.  We’re not interested in quick fixes.  We’re focused on creating sustainable solutions that allow us to have it all. We stay true to ourselves and often go against conventional norms.  We face our fears daily, work hard and efficiently.  We are action takers.  We are constantly growing, learning, living outside our comfort zone, taking our game and life to the next level.  We don’t make excuses.  We make the world a better place.  We don’t enable, we empower others.  We take 100% responsibility for our life.  We operate with integrity and keep it real.  We transform old paradigms and make the impossible, possible.